It doesn’t matter if the Russia takes action in Eastern Europe or not. The Chinese are staged and ready to step forward and act in the Western Pacific, and their neighbors are fully aware even if the U.S. political leadership and populace are clueless.

Worse yet — the entire U.S…

As this examination of what is about to happen around the world continues, the opportunities for Russia to force major changes in Eastern Europe has suddenly jumped to the forefront in the news. Yet, nobody is connecting the dots to see what is about to happen. It seems that the…

Let's see.... Hmmmmm...... Sounds like a very interesting perspective to me. Yet using the very data you present, let's just stick with the Forbes article for now, there should be 5.4 alien civilizations in our galaxy that are in our range of the electromatic spectrum if 85% of matter is in the Dark Matter spectrum.

That just gave me a great idea. We should coin a new phrase, call it the DM Spectrum. Apply it to all the invisible stuff that dark matter could represent.

So.... back to the original focus of my comment - where are the other 5.4 civilizations that should be emitting signals in our EM Spectrum? Not caught up to us yet?

I was thinking the other day and that is a dangerous experience.

Reading the articles on Medium that are of interest to me both excite and depress, depending on the quality of the writing and the writer’s ability to write. Too many writers are exposing their ignorance and their biases…

In the summer of 2019 I had the fortune to hear a Neil deGrasse Tyson podcast that was discussing Great Filter Theory in light of the Fermi Paradox.

The Fermi Paradox is the postulation by the physicist and father of the first nuclear reactor and the Hydrogen Bomb, Enrico Fermi…

James Phelps

Professor Phelps lives in the Rocky Mountains where he teaches and writes and educates others on all manner of topics across a polymath's expanse of topics.

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